The 7 best categories of promotional textiles for your company

In these dynamic and competitive times, the right choice of promotional textiles is crucial for any company looking to raise its profile and build customer loyalty. Faced with a plethora of products on offer, it’s essential to distinguish the best categories of promotional textiles that will effectively convey your company’s image. Whether it’s the quality of the material or the graphic design, every aspect contributes to forging a striking visual identity.

What are advertising textiles used for?

By providing a tangible surface on which to display logos, messages and designs, advertising textiles enable companies to reinforce their visual identity in a lasting way. When people wear branded clothing or accessories, they become a kind of walking spokesperson for the brand, helping to raise its profile. 

This strategy goes beyond simple advertising campaigns, creating a continuous and subtle presence in consumers’ daily lives. Advertising textiles not only attract immediate attention, but also create a positive and lasting relationship between the brand and its target audience.

In addition, promotional textiles are often used as loyalty and motivation tools in companies. When distributed internally, they reinforce a sense of belonging and promote a positive corporate culture. Employees who wear personalised workwear or receive promotional items often feel valued and committed to their work. 

Promotional textiles are also used as corporate gifts, offering companies the chance to strengthen their relationships with customers and business partners, while promoting their brand in a tangible and unforgettable way.

Let’s discover together the list of the 7 best categories of promotional textiles for your company 

The choice of promotional textiles for your business depends on a number of factors, such as your sector of activity, your target audience and your marketing objectives. However, here are seven popular categories of promotional textiles that can be adapted to different businesses:

Personalised T-shirts 

Custom T-shirts stand out for their exceptional features, combining optimum comfort, unrivalled versatility and adaptability that appeal to a wide audience. These garments offer the ideal fabric for freely expressing your creativity. Their use goes beyond everyday life, and they find their place everywhere, whether for a casual day out with friends or to proudly represent a company at corporate events and even within work teams, creating a visual symbiosis and consolidating a sense of belonging.

Branding promotional T-shirts is an art in itself, where screen printing and digital printing techniques combine to bring the boldest ideas to life. Screen printing offers remarkable clarity, while digital printing allows you to personalise your message down to the smallest detail. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, these techniques guarantee the durability and quality that make customised T-shirts more than just a piece of clothing, but a true work of expression and style.

Promotional polo shirts

Personalised advertising polo shirts embody professional elegance and allow employees to proudly display their company image at professional events. This sophisticated garment is complemented by impressive versatility, both in the workplace and in meeting rooms. 

They go beyond their uniform status to become privileged gifts for customers, adding a touch of exclusivity to the business relationship. Embroidery is the predominant marking technique, adding a handmade touch and greater durability, underlining the timeless character of these made-to-measure promotional polo shirts.

Promotional caps

By wearing promotional caps, your brand becomes part of people’s everyday lives in an informal and stylish way. Whether you want to reinforce your presence at open-air festivals, build customer loyalty with unique gifts or make a lasting impression at trade fairs, these caps are attractive promotional items and indispensable allies. Thanks to branding options such as printing or embroidery, these accessories become powerful communication media, making every head that wears them an ambassador for your brand’s identity.

In short, advertising caps are much more than a fashion accessory, they are a powerful tool for reinforcing brand presence and recognition in a practical and stylish way.

Customisable softshell jackets

Softshell jackets are multi-purpose garments offering a combination of insulating, breathable and stretch properties to provide protection from the elements and ensure maximum comfort. Made from a multi-layered fabric with a breathable membrane, these jackets are stretchy, promote air circulation and offer lightweight insulation, making them ideal for a variety of activities such as hiking, cycling and skiing.

In terms of branding, several techniques are used to personalise soft shell jackets. Embroidery is the most common method for logos and text, offering a professional finish. These personalised jackets can be used as corporate gifts, team uniforms or to promote a brand at events, thanks to their versatility and wide range of branding options.

Fleece jackets

Personalised fleece jackets are multifunctional items, perfect for top-of-the-range gifts with high visibility. They can be used for a variety of occasions, such as corporate gifts, employee rewards or workwear. These jackets are ideal for showcasing your brand with a personalised touch.

Embroidery is the main marking technique used for personalisation, guaranteeing exceptional quality and durability. It allows your logo or chosen motif to stand out, adds a touch of elegance to your fleece jackets and reinforces your corporate identity.


Personalised advertising hoodies are comfortable garments perfectly suited to the cold season. Their softness and warmth make them ideal for keeping warm. These items are perfect as winter gifts for your loved ones, adding a warm, personal touch to any occasion. 

In terms of personalisation, the most commonly used marking techniques are embroidery and digital printing. Embroidery offers an elegant and durable finish, adding a textured dimension to the design. Digital printing, on the other hand, offers faithful reproduction of motifs with brilliant detail and a choice of a wide range of colours.

Whether you’re giving a warm gift or reinforcing team spirit, promotional hoodies offer comfort and style, while allowing creative personalisation thanks to high-quality branding techniques.

Promotional sportswear

Sports textiles are promotional items that are appreciated for their specific characteristics, adapted to physical activity. They wick away perspiration and guarantee optimum comfort. The elasticity of the fabrics allows great freedom of movement and their lightness minimises the load during exercise. These promotional textiles are used at sporting events, in gyms, by sports teams or as corporate gifts to promote a healthy lifestyle

The most common branding techniques are screen printing, which guarantees long-lasting personalisation, and embroidery, which adds elegance and durability and is often used for logos on clothing such as sports caps. 

By combining these features and techniques, personalised sports textiles become attractive and functional promotional tools for a whole range of occasions.

In short, the right choice of promotional textiles can play a vital role in your company’s marketing strategy. The seven categories mentioned above offer a wide variety of options, allowing you to select the right items for your target audience while increasing your brand’s visibility. Whether it’s personalised clothing, accessories or quality items, investing in these different categories not only helps to retain existing customers, but also to attract new ones. By strategically integrating these products, you can strengthen your market presence and effectively raise brand awareness.

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