Introducing Clove: VALORANT’s Latest Controller Agent

Riot Games has kept players on the edge of their seats for weeks with teasers and leaks about the latest addition to the VALORANT roster. Finally, the anticipation comes to an end with the introduction of Clove Valorant, the game’s newest Controller Agent. Let’s delve into Valorant Clove’s design, their formidable abilities, and when eager players can start utilizing them.

Valorant Clove joins the esteemed ranks of VALORANT Controllers, standing alongside iconic figures like Omen, Brimstone, Viper, Astra, and Harbor. Described by Riot as a “Scottish troublemaker,” Clove Valorant brings a unique twist to the battlefield. Even in death, this youthful immortal keeps adversaries guessing, promising an experience that challenges the norm.

With a vibrant purple color scheme, Valorant Clove’s abilities are as bright and lively as their persona.

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Valorant Clove’s Abilities:

Like every other Agent in VALORANT, Clove possesses three main abilities along with an Ultimate. Here’s a breakdown of what they bring to the table:

Ruse (E): Clove equips this ability to survey the battlefield. By firing and confirming, clouds are launched, strategically obstructing vision in chosen areas. What’s intriguing is Clove’s ability to utilize this even after death, knowing you’ll still have your smokes on the other side of death makes taking risks seem significantly less spooky. But where you die matters, which makes things a lot more interesting. Since Clove’s smoke range is restricted to near where you died, you can’t just stick to your tried-and-true choke points.

Meddle (Q): This ability equips Clove with a fragment of immortality essence, which, upon firing, erupts after a brief delay, temporarily disrupting all targets caught within its range. You can use this simple debuffing ability to fight for staging space or combo it with your ult to secure a kill or assist and stay in the round.

Pick-Me-Up (C): Instantly absorbing the life force of a defeated enemy, Clove gains haste and temporary health, ensuring a swift recovery to continue the fight. Like their other abilities, Pick-Me-Up’s power lies in Clove taking on the fights a Controller typically shouldn’t.

Not Dead Yet (X/ULT): After meeting demise, Clove can activate this ability to resurrect. However, to maintain their newfound lease on life, they must secure a kill or damaging assist within a set timeframe.

Clove marks a significant milestone in VALORANT history as the first Agent with post-mortem ability usage, promising a game-changing experience for players. Witness the full reveal and Clove in action during the VALORANT Masters Madrid Showmatch.

Release Date of Clove Valorant:

With Clove’s official unveiling, the countdown begins for their arrival in the game. Episode 8 Act II commenced on March 5, 2024, yet fans eagerly awaited Clove’s debut. The wait ends on March 26, 2024, when Clove becomes accessible to players. Whether purchasing outright or completing the Agent Recruitment Event, players can soon add Clove to their arsenal.

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