How Long Will Insurance Pay For a Rental Car After an Accident?

Car accidents are horrible in their own right. The fallout can be even worse. For example, what are you supposed to do if your car is left undrivable? Fortunately, rental reimbursement through insurance can give you an alternate method of transportation at little or no cost. 

However, in the aftermath of an accident, dealing with insurance can be hard. 

How many days or dollars should you expect exactly? Does it fluctuate from case to case? We’re here to map the rental reimbursement terrain so you can travel it confidently.

Auto Insurance Rental Car Coverage and Limits

Many standard auto insurance policies include limited rental reimbursement as an add-on option covering costs while your car is repaired. 

This includes charges for:

  • Rental fees
  • Mileage
  • Applicable taxes
  • Loss/damage waivers

But policy daily limits (often around $30) and total limits ($500-$1,000) cap funding. Tapping your maximum rental days depends partly on accident severity.

Minor repairs may only utilize a handful of reimbursed days. Significant structural damage or total losses open more policy limits for rentals.

Core Factors Impacting Reimbursed Rental Duration

Accident severity is key. Is damage minor or major? Are repairs even possible? Total losses and structural repairs extend shop time, allowing you to leverage more rental days up to policy caps.

Quick, minor fixes shorten the gap you need help bridging.

Liability disputes also stall timelines if multiple parties debate fault. Insurers won’t fund rentals until liability is decided. Similarly, hit-and-run losses involving uninsured motorists introduce uncertainties around securing rental reimbursement absent a clear at-fault party.

Ongoing medical treatments may also warrant extended rentals if you require transportation to get to appointment after appointment. Documenting any injury-related transportation strains is pivotal to politely petitioning for more coverage.

Bottom line? Rental duration fluctuates widely based on circumstances. Mastering exactly what’s reasonable, given your situation, provides peace of mind.

What Auto Insurance Actually Covers for Rental Cars

All of that is great in theory. But what does it look like in a practical sense? Below, we have tried to demystify the process somewhat by including a breakdown of potential scenarios. 

What you will find in the bullet points are examples of what rental provisions you can expect in certain situations. 

  • Major Interstate Collision: 5+ weeks of rental reimbursement transporting a client to concussion therapy, orthopedic appointments, and other care
  • Total Loss: Nearly 1-month securing policy limit rentals amidst total loss claim resolution
  • Rear-End Minor Damage: 4 days of rental payments during a short fender repair

The outcome often comes down to politely pushing for maximum benefits where possible. Having fierce yet friendly negotiators in your policy corner makes all the difference.

Maximize Rental Car Reimbursement With a Personal Injury Lawyer

Navigating rental reimbursement amidst accident stress is daunting. But you need not shoulder the uncertainty alone. That’s what personal injury lawyers are for. The team at Miley Legal in West Virginia has years of experience handling insurance claims after car accidents. They can remove the guesswork so you can travel this road confidently.

Put your claim in the hands of professionals and visit Miley Legal’s car accident lawyers for a FREE consultation can ease the path forward.

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