Bob Odenkirk Net Worth

In the captivating world of entertainment, Bob Odenkirk emerges as a versatile force, embodying the roles of actor, comedian, writer, and producer. Born on October 22, 1962, in Berwyn, Illinois, Odenkirk’s journey began with humble roots that burgeoned into a prolific career. His comedic roots sprouted in Chicago’s vibrant scene, culminating in the co-creation of the influential sketch comedy series, “Mr. Show with Bob and David.” Odenkirk’s magnetic presence on and off-screen extends beyond his roles, reflecting a genuine passion for his craft and a commitment to artistic excellence. Despite his success, he remains a private individual, cherishing moments with his family and contributing a human touch to his celebrity persona.

As a seasoned entertainer, Bob Odenkirk stands at the nexus of comedy and drama, earning acclaim for his roles in iconic series such as “Breaking Bad” and its prequel, “Better Call Saul.” His journey exemplifies the power of talent and resilience, showcasing how a Midwestern comedian could evolve into a celebrated figure in the global entertainment landscape. Odenkirk’s ability to seamlessly navigate between genres has endeared him to audiences, solidifying his place as a beloved and respected personality in the industry.

Bob Odenkirk Wiki & Biography

Full NameRobert John Odenkirk.
Nick NameBob Odenkirk.
Date of BirthOctober 22, 1962.
Birth PlaceBerwyn, Illinois, United States.
Raised InNaperville, Illinois, United States..
Age61 years.
Zodiac SignLibra.
ReligionRoman Catholic.
Alma MatterSouthern Illinois University.
ProfessionActor, Comedian, and Filmmaker.
Years Active1987-Present.
Height5 Feet 7 Inches.
Weight78 Kg.
Eye ColorLavender Gray.
Hair ColorGray-haired.
Marital StatusMarried.
SpouseNaomi Yomtov​ (m. 1997).
ChildrenNate Odenkirk, Erin Odenkirk.
Father NameWalter Odenkirk.
Mother NameBarbara Odenkirk.
SiblingsBrother: Bill Odenkirk.
Net Worth$16 Million.

What is Bob Odenkirk’s Net Worth?

Delving into the financial tapestry of Bob Odenkirk, his net worth serves as a testament to the success and acclaim he has amassed over the years. As of the latest estimates, ranging from $10 million to $16 million, Odenkirk’s financial standing underscores the prosperity he has achieved in the highly competitive entertainment industry. Central to this prosperity is his breakout role as the morally ambiguous lawyer Saul Goodman in the critically acclaimed series “Breaking Bad” and its spin-off, “Better Call Saul.”

Odenkirk’s net worth is not merely a numerical figure but a reflection of the multifaceted career he has sculpted. Their financial success mirrors his journey from the early days of comedy sketches to becoming a central figure in the landscape of television and film. This financial milestone is not just about dollars and cents; it represents the enduring impact of a career marked by memorable performances and a commitment to the art of storytelling.

Early Life

Before the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, Bob Odenkirk’s story began in Naperville, Illinois, where he spent his formative years. Post-graduation from Marquette University with a degree in radio and television, he set his sights on Chicago’s comedy scene. The city became a crucible for his comedic talents, eventually leading to his involvement in “The Ben Stiller Show” and laying the groundwork for his comedic legacy.

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Bob Odenkirk’s career trajectory is a dynamic fusion of humor and drama, a testament to his versatility. The co-creation of “Mr. Show with Bob and David” catapulted him into the limelight, establishing him as a comedy luminary. His pivot to dramatic roles, especially as Saul Goodman in “Breaking Bad,” showcased a depth of talent that transcends genres. Odenkirk’s career is a mosaic of successes, each project contributing to his reputation as an actor who defies categorization.


The turning point in Bob Odenkirk’s career came with his portrayal of Saul Goodman in “Breaking Bad.” Goodman, with his razor-sharp wit and morally ambiguous persona, resonated with audiences, earning Odenkirk widespread acclaim. This breakthrough not only solidified his place in the iconic series but also paved the way for the equally compelling prequel, “Better Call Saul.” The evolution of Saul Goodman into a complex and nuanced character showcased Odenkirk’s ability to breathe life into roles that transcend conventional boundaries.

Source of Income

Beyond the glitz of Hollywood, the source of income for Bob Odenkirk is a diverse landscape. Acting remains a primary pillar, with roles in notable films like “Nebraska,” “The Post,” and “Little Women.” His involvement in producing, writing, and directing adds layers to his financial portfolio. Endorsements and brand collaborations further complement his income streams, reflecting the multifaceted nature of a career that extends beyond the silver screen.

Other Ventures

Bob Odenkirk’s ventures extend beyond the scripted narratives of television and film. His foray into directing, witnessed in episodes of various television shows, showcases a passion for storytelling behind the camera. Live performances, possibly in the realm of stand-up comedy, and potential business ventures add depth to his creative repertoire. Beyond the spotlight, Odenkirk’s exploration of diverse ventures underlines a commitment to artistic expression in various forms.

Personal Life

In the private corridors of Bob Odenkirk’s life, family takes center stage. Married to Naomi Yomtov, the couple shares two children. Despite the demands of a high-profile career, Odenkirk values the delicate balance between professional success and personal relationships. His commitment to maintaining a private personal life underscores a grounded approach, adding a relatable and human dimension to his celebrity status.

Career Highlights

Early Comedy Success (1990s): Co-creating and starring in “Mr. Show with Bob and David,” a groundbreaking sketch comedy series.

“Breaking Bad” (2009-2013): Breakthrough role as Saul Goodman, earning critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base.

“Better Call Saul” (2015-2022): Continued success in the prequel series, showcasing Odenkirk’s acting depth.

Filmography: Notable roles in films such as “Nebraska,” “The Post,” and “Little Women.”

Bob Odenkirk Net Worth

Bob Odenkirk’s net worth, estimated between $10 million and $16 million, mirrors his journey from comedy sketches to iconic television roles. The financial success is a testament to his talent, spanning decades in the ever-evolving entertainment landscape.

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In the world of entertainment, Bob Odenkirk stands as a testament to the power of talent, versatility, and dedication. From his roots in comedy to the heights of dramatic acclaim, Odenkirk’s journey is a captivating narrative of artistic evolution. His net worth reflects not just financial success but the enduring impact of a career marked by memorable performances and a commitment to the craft. As Odenkirk continues to shape the landscape of television and film, his legacy remains etched in the hearts of audiences worldwide.

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