Wigs vs. Hair Toppers: Understanding the Difference and Choosing Right

If you are reading this blog, you are probably considering purchasing hair pieces for women. There might be any number of reasons for this, although the most common is hair loss or thinning hair. However, in your quest to find the perfect hair replacement option for you, you may find yourself on websites that offer both hair toppers for women and wigs for women. For those who are new to the world of hairpieces, this may be confusing. After all, they are both items that are worn on the head that will give you a full head of hair. So, what exactly is the difference? In reality, the difference between the two is quite large, so it is important to identify whether the piece you are looking at is considered a wig or a hair topper, as well as which is the right option for you. Read ahead to find out the differences between the two and how to tell which one you need.


The biggest difference between wigs and hair toppers for women is the size of the piece itself. While a wig is intended to cover the full area of the scalp, women’s hair toppers are usually designed (as the name suggests) just to cover the top of the head. Other styles of hair toppers may act only to cover a specific part of the head, such as the front hairline or a patch of the scalp, but none provide full scalp coverage. For wigs, there may be options for partial wigs, but they will always cover much more of the scalp than a topper would offer. If you are looking to cover your head completely with new hair, whether that is because you are fully bald or you plan to wear a wig cap, a wig is the option you should choose. If you are just looking to cover a smaller area of the head, a hair topper would be the right choice.

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Construction of the base

Wigs for women and hair toppers for women are often made of the same materials, but there are differences in how they are constructed and what materials are used the most often. Both may have lace fronts to provide a natural hairline. However, wigs often have features that are not found on women’s hair toppers. For example, ear tabs are a must for wigs to provide a natural look. These tabs allow for the wig to be adhered down right in front of the ears. Because hair toppers are smaller, they rarely cover this part of the head, so ear tabs aren’t necessary. Wigs are also more often to incorporate the ability to stretch, as you are pulling it over the whole head which may require some wiggle room to fit well. A topper is usually sized to fit the specific area you want to cover, so it doesn’t need to be stretchy. Wigs may also utilize silicone strips to adhere without glue or tape to the scalp, but this only works because of the full cap being used. On a topper, that does not have a full cap, the silicone would not be enough to hold the topper on.


Though both hair toppers and wigs provide solutions to hair loss, they do serve different purposes in the way that they do this. Wigs for women are meant to cover the whole head. This could be because the entire head is bald. After all, hair is thinning badly enough that a full cap is required for coverage, for the convenience of simply pulling a wig on, or as a way to change your full hairstyle instantly. Hair toppers for women, on the other hand, usually serve one of two more specific purposes. The first is to cover a bald or thinning area. The smaller size of the hair topper makes it ideal for covering more precise areas of hair loss. If there is a bald patch, or if the hair is thinning at the crown or parting line of the head primarily, a hair topper will cover that without needing a full cap. The second purpose hair toppers serve is to add volume to thin hair. Your hair may not be balding or even thinning enough to see the scalp, but it may still be thin enough that you wish you had more volume to play with.  A hair topper is a perfect solution to add some extra density to your hair.

While women’s hair toppers and wigs for women are both hair replacement options that are available, that does not mean they are interchangeable. From the size of the base to the way it is constructed, as well as the purpose that it will serve, it is important to know what the differences are between the two before you decide to buy one. Only by knowing what makes them different can you know which one you need. If you’re still confused about which product is right for you, try reaching out to a retailer like Superhairpieces that offers both hair toppers and wigs and provides customer support to answer all your questions.

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