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A Kilt Sash, Perfect for Clan Walks, Burns Suppers and traditional Scottish dances. Unsure of how to wear a sash? And the ones who want to flaunt their clan’s or spouse’s tartan here’s how: Navigating Scottish and Irish attire can be bewildering, given the numerous rules. Although Kilt Sash placement was significant historically, the legal weight has faded, but honoring tradition remains vital.

Incorporating tartan into your attire is effortless, especially for ladies through kilt sash embellishments. Curious about sash-wearing? Here are some tips for donning your Scottish sash: While tartan and highland wear seem tailored to men, women have a rich array of options too.

What is a Sash?

What is a Sash? A sash, typically a wide ribbon-like material, is worn around the body as an emblem not limited to Scottish Culture And Heritage but embraced by people worldwide, reflecting pride and often denoting elevated rank or status. There are different ways to wear a sash. It’s kind of like a big necklace that makes you stand out and look nice when you’re in a group. Usually, sashes are made from a type of soft material called wool, and they have a pattern on them that represents the group or clan you belong to. If you want to stick with old traditions, you can make your sash from wool.

Queen Elizabeth ii Sash

But some people also use silk, which is another type of fabric that’s nice and smooth. Long ago, in Scotland, sashes were used to show which group, or clan, someone was a part of. They were also practical, keeping people warm. Nowadays, sashes are more about looking stylish. They’re not just worn in Scotland anymore – you can find them in dresses, on men’s clothes, and at events all around the world. The journey of sashes from the past to today is really interesting. It’s a mix of holding onto traditions and fitting in with modern times.

The Significance of Sashes

Sashes hold a fascinating history that traces back to the arisaid, a traditional garment worn by women. Originally, an arisaid was a pleated fabric wrapped around the waist, with the extra material elegantly draping over the shoulder and secured with a brooch or pin. As time marched on, these simple textiles underwent an evolution, resulting in the diverse sashes we see today. From their humble beginnings, sashes have evolved into a variety of styles, materials and designs. Lightweight wool remains a popular choice, while silk sashes exude luxury and charm.

Tartan Sash

Embracing the Kilt Sash

The tradition of wearing scarves with special meanings has ancient roots. In Scotland and Ireland, Kilt Sash scarves were worn at dances. Women’s attire had a more relaxed dress code than men’s kilts, which have rich histories. Usually, these are made from wool, but we make ours from something called Acrylic Wool Fabric. We Scottish Kilt have lots of different kinds of tartan patterns, more than 1400 actually, so there’s a pattern for everyone.

You Might Know!

That opinion varies on how women should wear sashes, stemming from J. Charles Thompson’s 1979 book “So You’re Going to Wear the Kilt.” He discussed Lord Lyon’s sash rules. Women can choose Their own kind of female kilt, also referred to as tartan skirts and decide on pleats and length, even adding tartan with a sash.

Mastering the Art of Wearing a Kilt Sash

Kilt Sashes are classic accessories, blending tradition and style. Wear them elegantly at any event. This guide walks you through wearing with confidence, choosing the right shoulder, styling mini sashes, and differentiating from scarves. So, let’s find out.

How To Wear a Sash – Step-by-Step Guide

Crafting your unique look involves incorporating your personal style into every detail, even down to your sash. For a comprehensive guide on a creative method to don your sash. Remember, this counsel isn’t confined to a specific tartan – it’s a versatile principle. Traditionally crafted from wool, our sashes are meticulously fashioned using our Acrylic Wool Fabric, boasting an extensive assortment of over 1400 clan and generic Tartan Finder, ensuring a seamless match for every individual.
Commence by selecting the sash that resonates with your essence. Choices abound, from traditional woolen weaves to the luxurious embrace of silk. Your sash preference sets the tone. 

Traditional Scottish Women's Clothing


  • Initial Fold: Start by gently folding the Kilt Sash in half lengthwise. This will help create a neater and more defined look for the sash.
  • Fold Reiteration: Fold the sash in half again, refining its form and ensuring that it’s well-folded. This step will help enhance the appearance of the sash’s edges.
  • Central Fabric Gathering: Use your dexterity to gather the cascading fabric folds of the sash at their midpoint. This creates a bunching effect at the center of the sash.
  • Elastic Enlistment: Secure the gathered fabric folds at their midpoint using a trusty elastic band. This will hold the folds in a poised arrangement and prevent them from coming undone.
  • Brooch or Pin Addition: For an added touch of elegance, adorn the sash with a choice embellishment such as a sophisticated brooch or a refined pin. Attach the brooch or pin at the top edge of the sash where it rests on your shoulder.
  • Rosette Flourish: If you’d like to further enhance the sash’s aesthetic, consider embracing the rosette technique. This involves fashioning a captivating arrangement with the gathered fabric folds, creating a rosette-like shape. This additional step adds a touch of allure to your ensemble and adds an extra layer of elegance.

Sash vs Scarf:

The Kilt Sash and scarf share the same plush woolen origin, boasting pure wool composition and equal length. While both were traditionally worn, the scarf holds greater modern significance, adding flair to fashion. Then the question arrives, how to wear a tartan scarf? Scarves have become sought-after accessories, enhancing outfits with belts, sunglasses, and more, cleverly paired with staples like trousers, shirts, coats, and jackets. This artful amalgamation results in a sartorially distinctive facade. Conversely, for those who hold a deep reverence for Scottish customs, the Tartan Scarf became a canvas for a distinctive flair.  and The infusion of tartan plaid scarves into the repertoire of fashion fosters advancement and evolution.

Notably, while adorning a Kilt Sash adheres to specific conventions and boundaries, scarves revel in the realm of the uninhibited. This liberating characteristic allows for the seamless incorporation of universal tartan scarves—think Black Watch, Granite Gray, and Ramsay Blue—into contemporary attire, resulting in an ensemble that effortlessly fuses tradition with modernity.

Stylish Techniques & Accessories

Infusing a touch of sophistication and individuality into your attire involves mastering refined techniques and seamlessly integrating accessories. Be it for a special occasion or to elevate your daily ensemble, here are inventive concepts to ponder upon.

Create a Bow with Your Sash

Sashes are versatile adornments with the power to elevate any outfit. One timeless and lasting manner of wearing a sash is by crafting an attention-commanding bow. This technique works wonders, whether the sash graces your waist as a belt or adds a touch of elegance to your dress.
To achieve a perfect sash bow, follow these simple steps:

  • Begin by folding one end of the sash.
  • Layer the sash with another fold to create added depth.
  • Gather the folded portions at the center and secure them using an elastic band.
  • Elevate the elegance by placing a brooch or pin atop the elastic band, resulting in a magnificent bow.
  • If you prefer a rosette-style bow, gently pull out the folded layers to shape them into a more circular form.

A sash bow imparts femininity and allure to any ensemble, bestowing an air of refinement and harmony.

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Sashes for Scottish Country Dancing

A less common and intriguing approach emerges within the realm of Scottish Country Dancing and Their dance enthusiasts of the front-clear sash style. This variant bears a resemblance to the belted plaid and carries the essence of a dainty arisaid. It fastens discreetly at the rear of the waist using buttons or a slender belt, while finding its anchor at the right shoulder through a delicate pin or an ornate brooch. As a result, the fabric elegantly drapes from the right shoulder, cascading in a graceful sweep behind the right arm.

Scottish Country Dancing

These established practices, steeped in time-honored traditions, hold no legal weight but are cherished as a mark of respect for ancestry. While the consensus predominantly designates the right shoulder for sashes adorning chiefs, it’s fascinating to witness how preferences for shoulder placement have transformed over the years.
The 1914 volume “The Kilt: A Manual of Scottish National Dress” authored by Loudon M. Douglas, suggests that “Ladies aspiring to embrace the Scottish National Dress might consider embellishing their evening attire with Kilt Sashes. Ideally, these should be elegantly draped over the left shoulder and secured using a circular brooch. The incorporation of tartan into women’s kilt attire largely hinges on personal predilections.”
For those on the lookout for the perfect “circular brooch” to fasten their sashes, a diverse array of traditional pewter brooches awaits your discerning selection.

Adding Accessories:

A brooch emerges as a versatile accessory capable of infusing vintage allure or modern refinement into your ensemble. Whether it’s affixing a shawl, embellishing a scarf, or enhancing a sash, a well-chosen Fly Plaid Brooch can harmonize your look seamlessly. Here’s a guide to effectively integrate a brooch:

Sash for Men
  • Strategic Placement: Depending on the garment, opt for an artful position for the brooch. This could entail placing it at the heart of your sash bow, gracing the shoulder of a shawl, or even serving as a focal point at the scarf’s base.
  • Style Selection: Brooches present an array of styles, ranging from intricate designs adorned with gemstones to minimalist and timeless shapes. Select a brooch that aligns with your personal style and complements your overall ensemble’s theme.

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