Glare on 5 Austin’s Painting Companies Earning Big

Austin is a famous city in Texas with a population of approximately 1 million and a GDP of $222.1 billion. This is a prosperous city where many businesses have grown their wealth, so it has a high GDP. This city has also produced some outstanding painting companies earning big money. There are many of these companies, but we’re showing a Glare on 5 Austin’s Painting Companies Earning Big. The painting companies we’ll be listing today have excellent yearly revenues. You might be surprised after knowing the revenue figures these painting companies earn yearly. If you have underestimated this painting business, get ready because you’ll never underestimate this painting business again after reading our article entirely. Therefore, please read our article carefully because we’ll provide accurate information. We’ve researched a lot to find the best numbers for our readers. We’ll share those numbers without further ado. Let’s begin our journey.

Glare on 5 Austin’s Painting Companies Earning Big

I’ve already mentioned that Austin is a city where numerous painting companies provide their services, but we’ll talk about the 5 companies that earn excellent revenue. Here are their names:

  1. Certa Pro
  2. Five Star Painting
  3. Southern Painting
  4. Tex Painting
  5. Austin Professional Painting

These are the 5 Painting Companies in Austin Earning Big. These companies earn big and deliver quality work to their clients. Never compromising on quality helps them make an excellent amount each year. We’ll reveal those figures without further delay. Let’s continue our journey because we have many things to share.

Certa Pro

Certa Pro is a contractor who earns considerable revenue and delivers quality work to its clients. This painting company is famous in Austin, and the entire USA knows about its quality of work. Certa Pro is a well-known name throughout the USA. It helps people in residential and commercial painting. Certa Pro has a skilled labor of painters with expertise in painting every building. They deliver outstanding work to their clients and earn vast amounts of money in exchange. Certa Pro also helps the people of Austin paint residential and commercial properties. People of Austin also love working with this company because it delivers quality work to them. Most clients don’t see the prices they are charged, but they expect quality work to be done by the painter they hired. That’s what Certa Pro does. This painting company delivers quality work and charges a reasonable amount. This helps them earn excellent revenue. What is your estimated number of the revenue Certa Pro earns each year? The numbers will be surprising because Certa Pro makes a lot each year.

Certa Pro earns $695.1 million each year. This is an approximate figure we got after doing a lot of research. However, this amount is earned from something other than Austin. Certa Pro’s services are expanded to almost every corner of the USA. This company provides its painting services not only in the USA but also in Canada. Therefore, we can’t say that $695.1 million is made from Austin. In Austin, this company easily earns around $5 million a year. This is also a large amount that is gained from a single city. We have one more suggestion for this. Wikipesh is a website that provides information on Net Worth. You’ll find the Net Worth of numerous companies on that website. Visiting that website would give you an idea of how much revenue a company earns from a single city. We’ve also briefed you on the revenue Certa Pro earns from Austin, but visiting that website would also help if you are willing to find more information like this. Let’s continue our journey because we have 4 more companies to mention.

Five Star Painting

Five Star Painting is another big name in the USA market. This company also provides its services in Austin, and people love working with it because it delivers quality work. Five Star Painting makes $78.4 million yearly and covers multiple locations. Five Star Painting also follows Certa Pro’s business model. They also cover various states of the USA. Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, and numerous other states are covered by Five Star Painting. Covering the entire state of Texas is challenging, but Five Star Painting covers the whole state and provides multiple services.

Five Star Painting provides painting services and helps people with Carpentry Services, Brick Painting and Treatments, Decks and Fences, Garage Floors, Eco-Friendly Painting, Wallpaper Installation, and Wallpaper Removal Services. Providing different services while maintaining quality is the most difficult thing, but Five Star Painting accepts this problematic challenge and helps people fix these things. That’s why its revenue collection from the different states of the USA is outstanding. This company easily earns around $4-$4.5 million of revenue from Austin. The charges of Five Star Painting are also fair.

Southern Painting

Southern Painting is a famous name in Austin. This company charges high prices because they only use quality materials to deliver the job. Still, they have a massive workload because everyone wants to work with a company that never compromises quality. Southern Painting never compromises quality and uses high-quality paint material to do the job. This company earns $18.9 million yearly but makes more than Certa Pro and Five Star Painting in Texas because its charges are higher than theirs. This company clears every single problem and delivers a flawless finish. Those who expect an ideal paint job in Austin work with Southern Painting to achieve their desire. There is a business model in Dubai named Javed Painter Dubai. This company provides Painters in Dubai and uses the same pattern to finish the paint job. Other big businesses follow Southern Painting’s pattern. What more can people expect from them? They earn $6 million yearly from Austin, but their coverage is also in the other states and cities of the USA.

Tex Painting

Tex Painting is a small painting company focused on covering Austin. This painting company earns less money compared to the previous 3 we mentioned because it only covers 1 city. Tex Painting is a small company in Austin that delivers quality paintwork to its clients. This company will remove every imperfection when doing the job. The material they use will also be high-quality. That’s why people love working with this contractor. Tex Painting earns approximately $3 million yearly. This is an excellent number because it is achieved from a single city.

Austin Professional Painting

Austin Professional Painting is the last painting company on our list whose work and revenue are eye-catching. Austin Professional Painting also delivers multiple services as big companies do. This painting company earns approximately $2-$2.5 million yearly, and its given work exists on its website’s main page. Austin Professional Painting has shared the work it delivered on its website’s main page. Some clients need clarification on the work quality, and this company has successfully delivered quality work to multiple clients whose proof is shared on their website’s main page. It has a highly trained staff that provides reasonable pricing to its clients. It also has a group of skilled painters who have completed countless jobs by delivering a bright and flawless finish.


That was a complete Glare on 5 Austin’s Painting Companies Earning Big. We’ve shared not only the revenue details but also their working formats. Every company listed in this article delivers quality work, and people from Austin looking for any painting company must work with these 5 companies to get a bright and flawless finish. These companies have worked with numerous clients and delivered quality results to their clients in the past. You’ll love working with them. If you have questions on this topic, let us know about them in our website’s comments section. We’d help you as helping the website visitors is our duty. That’s all for now.

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