Unforgettable Activities on Your Atlantic City Tour

Nestled along the Atlantic Ocean, Atlantic City’s natural and rugged beauty is enough incentive for global visitors and New Yorkers looking for a weekend retreat to visit. But Atlantic City is much more than miles of picture-perfect beaches. The world-famous Boardwalk offers family activities, original art galleries, and museums that are true hidden gems. Discover some of the finest cuisine in the world as you make everlasting memories touring Atlantic City.

Key Memorial Visit

With so many amusing and engaging activities awaiting you, why not begin your Atlantic City tour by visiting the memorial for those who gave their lives so you can freely enjoy Atlantic City’s charms? The Greek Temple Memorial honors the names of native Atlantic City residents who made the ultimate sacrifice during World War One.

Explore Original Works of Art

Besides its world-famous casinos, Atlantic City is an underrated arts hum. Tourists tend to discover the original and captivating artworks from the Holztman Gallery which is inside the iconic Claridge Hotel. The Holtzman Gallery is in honor of sculptor and painter Harry Holtzman, who was integral in the creation of the American Abstract Artist’s Group in the 1930s. Today, The Holtzman Gallery celebrates art from local artists and sculptors and honors exceptional International artists.

After admiring the fine sculptures and paintings at The Holtzman Gallery, continue your art with the Noyes Museum. Named by its founders, Fred and Ethel Noyes, in 1983, the aim is to share their parents’ passion for art with the public. Besides showcasing eccentric art concepts from South Jersey, The Noyes Museum has an extensive exposition for African American paintings and sculptures.

Today, The Noyes Museum has evolved to display captivating photography concepts and exhibitions. For budding art lovers or tourists looking to enrich their artistic skills, The Noyes Museum offers workshops and classes to help bring out the artist in you.

Step into Atlantic City History

Take a moment to visit one of the oldest lighthouses in America – The Absecon Lighthouse. Originally built in 1857, The Absecon Lighthouse, made purely of brick, helped many distressed ships survive and navigate the treacherous Atlantic City waters. Today, it is home to many public events with a museum where the lighthouse keepers lived, telling its illustrious and enduring history. Step into this Atlantic City landmark by walking up the 200+ steps to overlook the Atlantic Ocean.

Experience the Mythical

As you stroll along the Boardwalk, keep a look out for The King Neptune Statue. For those familiar with Greek mythology, Neptune is known as Poseidon, the god of the water. The King Neptune Statue, clutching the trident, faces the Atlantic Ocean. The King Neptune Statue has been a fixture on the Atlantic City marina since the 1920s and serves as an ode to Atlantic City’s rich trading history.

Relax with First-Class Entertainment

Even though Atlantic City features breathtaking and naturally majestic coastlines and amusing art galleries, most tourists and New Yorkers visit Atlantic City for the casinos. Atlantic City’s casinos feature the latest slot games and dedicated table game rooms. Strategically placed along the Boardwalk, Atlantic City’s Casinos offer first-class and International cuisine and plenty of bars to relax with friends. But, if you can visit the casinos, New Jersey has legal online casinos.

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