Meet Clove, The Death-Defying Valorant Agent

Get the best deals when you buy Valorant gift cards from U7BUY! Clove is the newest addition to the Valorant agent selection. She is a character with the unique ability to not only cheat death but also to come back stronger. Clove is a Controller hero with a twist. This is the perfect choice for those who like to play a Controller in a more aggressive way. The players asked for someone with this style as they felt that the traditional Controller play was too passive.

What Are Valorant Clove’s Abilities?

We all know that Valorant agents are defined by their abilities. Valorant Clove’s skills are based on dying. Normally, that is something we want to avoid, but that’s not an option for Clove Valorant. Even though Valorant Clove is a Controller, she doesn’t just sit on the back lines. That’s the essence of her gameplay. Playing with Clove Valorant is all about taking risks.

Valorant Clove X Ultimate Ability – Not Dead Yet

Valorant Clove taps into her immortal essence. She must defeat an enemy in order to stay alive. This ability is used after dying. The player will resurrect, but there’s a catch. You need to kill or do an assist in a specific time frame in order to remain alive. As you can imagine, this time is not very long. You can use this ability to cover key areas after you die or recover from overheating. There are also cases in which you want to use the ultimate even if you cannot meet its condition. For example, staying alive just a few more seconds might bring victory for your team.

Valorant Clove E Ability – Ruse

When Clove Valorant uses this ability, she has the power to see the arena from above. She taps once again into her essence to call clouds that obscure vision with the power of altering the flow of the battle. You Equip this ability to see the battle arena. When you fire, you designate the locations where the clouds are set. Then, you use alt fire for confirmation. This will trigger the clouds that hide vision in those areas. This is an ability that can be used after Clove dies.

This is an interesting ability because it makes Valorant Clove useful even after death. What makes it even more interesting is that the location of your demise can make a difference. The range in which Clove Valorant can place the clouds is tied to the place where she died. Sometimes, dying in a key location can help your team more than staying alive.

Valorant Clove Q Ability – Meddle

Valorant Clove uses her immortal essence to damage enemies. You start with equip to activate the ability. Then, you fire to throw a fragment. After a short while, the fragment detonates and damages all those caught in the middle. This ability can be used on its own, but it also makes a powerful combo with your ultimate Not Dead Yet ability. You can use Meddle right after the ultimate in order to achieve that kill or assist that can bring you back.

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