4 Fantastic Video Styles to check out for your campaign in 2024

There are times when even marketers get bored of running the same old ads, and keeping their fingers crossed for engagement.

It just doesn’t work like that anymore. You can’t expect to stand out by doing the same thing over and over. One thing is for sure, you’ve lost your wow factor, and visitors will certainly bounce off your landing page, not likely to return.

I’m sorry, but that’s what happens when you continue running the same video styles, and expect different results.

To help you improvise video marketing, I’ve come up with four fantastic video styles that you must test out for your next campaign in 2024. These are not just super cool but have the potential to boost your conversions to an astounding level.

Yeah, that’s true.

I feel like enough is said already.

Why not just dive in, and see what’s there for you?

Animated demo

If you’re familiar with screen recorded or screencast videos, you already have some idea of animated demo videos. This style is relatively new to other video styles mentioned in this list. An animated demo became wildly popular when tech companies created animated SaaS app demos.

The Result: SaaS demo videos not only brought engagement for seemingly impossible products to market, but more importantly, it brought their conversion rates to an astounding level.

Having an animated demo for your SaaS product saves you the hurdle of explaining your product to each prospect one by one. Plus, since animated demos are really playful, you can get your message across in an effective, yet more enticing fashion. You can always connect with a video animation agency to guide yourself further.

If you’re not sure when to use an animated demo, just know that there’s no ideal situation. However, you would want to have an app demo for your SaaS tool. Just know that animated demos work best as pre-sales content, whereas screencast videos are there to guide the user with tool specifications, and use as post-sales content.

The former may be used as an ad, whereas the latter may be more suited for post-sales emails where you address common queries and concerns with regard to the product, and demonstrate solutions in impersonal screencast videos.

Mixed Media

Even though animated videos work well, there’s a growing need to humanize brand content. How do you strike a balance between humanizing your videos, and giving out that playful personality with a touch of animation?

The answer is mixed media. This style of video is probably the most trending these days, and for one, it allows brands to humanize content by including real actors, and environment, while seamlessly switching to cool animation.

In that way they’re not just able to draw the attention of viewers, but more importantly, add a unique personality to the brand content. These types of videos are really trendy. So, the sooner you dive into mixed media, the better you can grow your content reach.


Let’s not mistake it for any less in our order of video types. Animation is a versatile tool for communicating ideas with complete creative freedom. You can start off with anything.

From the classical 2D animation to the more realistic, and immersive 3D animation experience, you can create a video project with your ideation. You don’t need a bunch of cool actors, or even a set to shoot scenes.

All you need is to unleash your wild imagination and give your audience something with which they can resonate very naturally. If you’re not sure how to start creating a 2D animation video for your brand, you might as well be better off acquiring quality 2d animation services.

Animation is a long process. Perhaps, that’s one reason why some brands tend to opt out of branding themselves with an animated theme.

However, animated videos even today are all worth the investment. You’re not just giving the power to draw viewers to your content magically, but also give them an experience that is truly unforgettable. Plus, another notable benefit of animation is that you’re not limited by ideas that need to be in tangible shape.

You can paint your imagination on the canvas, and make everyone marvel at your art. That’s the power of animation. And, probably the most imminent reason why brands today invest so much in curating explainers with an animated theme that has got their mascots talking about the product.

It’s a fun and playful way to introduce your audience to your solution.


Another popular video type is whiteboard animation. Whiteboard videos are a traditional form of animated videos. You have a whiteboard screen in which a hand draws objects and characters to illustrate concepts.

Research shows that whiteboard animation is likely to improve comprehension of ideas. It is so since a drawing hand always keeps the viewers guessing about what’s about to come next, hence they’re curious all the time.

Whiteboard videos used to be really common back in the days when we didn’t have many animated videos or when animation in general was not as affordable as it is today. Primarily, you may use whiteboard animation to instill concepts that need a vivid illustration.

I’ve personally seen it work best for concepts related to money, and mental health. Going through large blocks of texts is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, a blend of whiteboard animation with small catchy, yet colloquial phrases of text might just do the trick for both teachers and students.

Perhaps, that’s one reason why there are hundreds of whiteboard videos illustrating basic concepts and amassing millions of views on YouTube.


Let’s wrap this one up. We covered four fantastic video styles for 2024. You can pick and play around with anyone you like. Just make sure that you know your ideal customer profile.

Hope you got a nugget or two from this one.

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