Jamerrill Stewart Net Worth

In the world of YouTube, where content creators shine like stars in the digital galaxy, Jamerrill Stewart is a shining beacon of success. As a YouTuber, stay-at-home mom, and devout Christian, her journey to stardom is a testament to dedication and authenticity. In this article, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of Jamerrill Stewart, exploring her background, career, and, of course, her net worth.

What is Jamerrill Stewart’s Net Worth?

Jamerrill Stewart’s net worth is a topic of intrigue for her loyal followers and curious onlookers alike. With a captivating YouTube career, a thriving blog, and various ventures under her belt, Stewart has undoubtedly made a mark in the digital landscape. While the exact figure may fluctuate over time, estimations suggest her net worth in 2023 is around $700,000. This substantial sum is a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and the genuine connection she has forged with her audience.

Jamerrill Stewart Biography

Real NameJamerrill Stewart
BirthdayAugust 8, 1981.
Birth SignLEO
Birth PlaceUnited States
Martial StatusMarried
Net Worth$700k Approximately.
YouTube Channel Jamerrill Stewart
HusbandTravis Stewart
Source Of IncomeYouTube
Height5′ 6′′
Weight62 kg.

Who is Jamerrill Stewart?

Jamerrill Stewart, hailing from the United States, is not just a YouTuber; she is a multifaceted personality known for her heartwarming family vlogs, insightful homeschooling advice, and unwavering faith in Christianity. Born under the sign of Leo in Timberville, Virginia, on August 8, 1981, she embodies the spirit of determination and perseverance.

Early Life

The early years of Jamerrill Stewart remain shrouded in mystery as she hasn’t yet unveiled the details of her family, parents, or childhood. However, her journey as a dedicated student began in a local high school before she ventured into higher education, ultimately earning a degree in information technology.


Before becoming the YouTube sensation she is today, Jamerrill pursued her education diligently. After completing her primary schooling in Timberville, she transitioned to a prestigious nursing school, honing her skills and knowledge in the field. Interestingly, she also had a penchant for horse racing during her teenage years, showcasing her diverse interests.


Jamerrill Stewart’s career is a remarkable journey that began with a simple desire to share her family’s experiences and homeschooling adventures. Starting as a YouTuber in 2010, she gradually gained recognition for her genuine and heartwarming vlogs about family life. 

As a mom blogger and content creator, she struck a chord with her audience, particularly those navigating the challenges and joys of large family living. Her journey as “The Encouraging Homeschool Mom” paved the way for her substantial online presence.


While her early career focused on homeschooling, parenting, and faith, it was in 2014 that she made a significant breakthrough. Jamerrill Stewart, along with her husband Big Joe and their children, launched the “Jamerrill Stewart, Large Family Table” YouTube channel. 

This marked the beginning of a new era in her YouTube career, where she began sharing not only her daily life but also her passion for cooking, meal planning, and budgeting. Her video titled ‘Cooking 40 Massive Freezer Meals to Feed My Family of 11’ garnered over 1.7 million views and solidified her position as a sought-after influencer in the field of family-friendly content and home organization.

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Other Ventures

Jamerrill Stewart’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond YouTube. She is the founder of the blog “The Large Family Table,” where she shares her recipes, videos, and family updates. Additionally, she is the co-owner of The Homeschool Village, a platform that brings together homeschooling families and resources.

In the world of business, Jamerrill runs Jamerrill’s Large Family Table, a venture that offers meal planning and budgeting services. Her expertise in these areas has not only benefited her own family but also countless others seeking guidance on managing their households efficiently. Furthermore, she has successfully ventured into affiliate marketing, which has contributed to her financial success.

Jamerrill Stewart’s career is a testament to her dedication, versatility, and ability to connect with her audience authentically. As we explore her net worth in 2023, it’s clear that her career highlights and notable achievements have played a significant role in her financial success.

Career Highlights and Notable Achievements

Jamerrill Stewart’s journey to success has been marked by numerous achievements and milestones. As a YouTuber, she has amassed a dedicated following of over 370,000 subscribers on her main channel, “Jamerrill’s Large Family Table.” Her videos, spanning topics from meal planning and budgeting to homeschooling and family life, have collectively garnered millions of views. It’s her ability to effortlessly combine her roles as a stay-at-home mom and a digital influencer that sets her apart in the world of online content creation.

Beyond her YouTube success, Jamerrill’s presence has extended to other social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even TikTok. Her commitment to engaging with her audience across these platforms has further solidified her reputation as an online influencer with a dedicated social media presence.

Jamerrill Stewart’s impact extends beyond the digital realm. She has been featured in numerous media outlets, including Good Morning America, BuzzFeed, and The Today Show, which is a testament to her status as a recognized figure in the world of family-focused content creation. Additionally, her involvement as a guest speaker at events such as the YouTube Creator Summit and the National Parenting Conference reflects her influence and ability to connect with diverse audiences.

Jamerrill Stewart Net Worth 2023

In 2023, Jamerrill Stewart’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $700,000. This impressive figure is a result of her multifaceted career as a content creator, business owner, and influencer. Her YouTube channel alone generates substantial annual revenue, with estimates suggesting she earns around $17,000 from the platform. This, coupled with her income from her blog, business ventures, and various social media platforms, contributes significantly to her financial success.

Jamerrill’s journey from a licensed nurse and high school sweetheart to a successful online entrepreneur is a story of resilience and determination. Her early ventures into affiliate marketing, along with her dedication to her online community, played a pivotal role in her financial ascent. Moreover, her willingness to share her personal life, including her journey as a large family mom, has resonated with millions of viewers and followers worldwide.


Jamerrill Stewart’s net worth is a reflection of her hard work, authenticity, and ability to provide valuable content to her audience. Her journey from a small town in Virginia to becoming a renowned online influencer is nothing short of inspiring. As she continues to inspire and empower others through her content, her net worth serves as a testament to the success that can be achieved by staying true to oneself and connecting with an engaged online community.

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