How To Hire The Best Book Marketing Service for Your Book

You finished your amazing new book! But now you need help spreading the exciting news about it to lots of readers. We will explain 10 handy tips on how authors can smartly hire a book marketing service that fits their book goals just right. Compare options carefully and you’ll find the perfect book promotion partner!

Book Marketing

Make Sure They Have Book Experience

First, the book marketing services pitching you should already have successfully promoted authors in your exact genre and category previously – that is romance novels, business leadership guides, children’s picture books etc. Insider niches differ greatly. Clarifying comparable background working specifically across book marketing handling similar published projects is essential. 

Look for A Service That Offers Custom Strategies

Quality book marketing teams also customize unique plans aligned to each client rather than pushing one-size-fits all packages blindly. Strategies should organically fit your specific book, voice and audience vs broad boilerplate timelines. Ask how they tailor and get a feel if your partnership will feel more purposeful or just contractual.

Seek Services That Listen First, Sell Second 

Ideal book marketers also listen more than sell in early chats while learning about you, your publishing journey so far and both your short and long term hopes around this book then craft collaborative ideas tailored to your circumstances, abilities and budget. two-way conversations yield better aligned game plans. Ask questions too!

Clarify Their Full Spectrum Strategy Process 

Request an overview of their overall book marketing framework broken into core pillars too like market research, email marketing, social media posting, paid advertising, book reviewing outreach and events planning so you understand how the cycle flows. Knowing the roadmap ahead offers confidence tackling execution later down the line together. 

Look for Innovative Promotional Ideas 

Of course you also want a clever book marketer brimming with innovative promotional concepts beyond just old school book reviews and giveaways leveraging fresh platforms like TikTok, podcast guesting, Reddit AMAs, drone photography viral contests, Comic Con panels or celebrity book club partnerships. Imaginative marketers stand out from flat consultants. Expand possibilities!

Verify Examples of Actual Past Campaign Results 

The best indicator of future success is visible previous success. Ask to see client case studies with real metrics like increased ratings, sales spikes after initiatives, email list growth, web traffic lifts and award nominations. Visual proof through quantifiable outcomes earns trust rather than vague promises alone. Demonstrable expertise matters.

Expect Ongoing Long Term Support 

Clarify also this is an extended, collaborative partnership beyond just a short lived 3-6 month sprint. Marathon momentum from ongoing social community management, publicity pitching, events scheduling and consultations around future books over years makes the biggest impact rather than quick bursts. Reach for viable longevity aligned to your continually growing dreams. 

Make Sure Pricing Seems Fair and Flexible

Of course investment comes up too but quality book marketing talent offers tiered monthly retainers, sized bundles and pay-as-you-go hourly planning adapted across client needs and ability to fund projects differently. Reasonable investment demonstrates mutual commitment without overextending. Crunch numbers diligently on pricing expectations and options.

Check for Raving Client Testimonials

The best references come directly from current clients! Explore their Google reviews, website testimonials or request a few past authors to call regarding candid experiences collaborating together. Glowing writer-focused praise holds much more weight than a marketer’s own fluffy promises so seek out satisfied voices.

Trust Your Gut Instincts on Fit

Finally lean on your creative instincts if a potential book marketing service seems aligned as a true partner committed to service, transparency and results rather than just nabbing another contract. Do exploratory conversations leave you enthused or wary? Ease and positivity signal a harmonious fit as you propel reach and impact together!


In the end, the best book marketing service for your brand proves itself through demonstrated industry expertise, tailored strategy, creativity and nurturing communication styles in harmony with your book goals and budget realities. Weigh options judiciously but once the right match just feels apparent, trust your gut and jump in confidently!

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