How Much Does it Cost to Ship A Car?

Shipping costs for cars depend on various factors such as distance, car size, transport method, fuel prices, and other expenses, but they vary from state to state. On average, shipping a car from one state to another can range from $500 to $1500. If you opt for enclosed auto transport, the cost will be higher compared to open auto transport.

Factor affecting on car shipping Cost

Many factors affect car shipping costs, Distance, car size, fuel prices, transport method, and time of year. Get a free quote by using the car shipping cost calculator without any personal information within a few seconds.


Distance is a major factor affecting car shipping costs. Typically, if the distance is around 500 miles, the cost is about $1 per mile. However, for distances exceeding 500 miles, car shipping companies usually charge between $0.70 to $0.90 per mile.

Let’s take an example: shipping a car from New York to California, which is approximately 2900 miles. For open vehicle transport, the average shipping cost would be around $2000 to $2200. If you opt for enclosed transport, the cost would range from $3000 to $3500.

Car Size

When it comes to shipping your car, size matters more than you might think. You see, larger vehicles take up more space on the carrier, and space equals money in the world of shipping. Think about it like this: imagine trying to fit a compact car and a big SUV into the same parking spot. It’s doable, but it’s going to be a tighter squeeze for the SUV, right? Well, the same idea applies to shipping.

Bigger vehicles, like SUVs, trucks, or vans, require more space on the carrier, which means they might cost more to ship compared to smaller cars. It’s all about logistics – if your car takes up more room, there’s less space for other vehicles, and that can drive up the cost.

Now, don’t get me wrong – shipping a smaller car doesn’t mean it’s going to be dirt cheap. There are other factors at play, like distance, timing, and the shipping method. But when it comes to size, it’s something to keep in mind when getting quotes for shipping your vehicle.

So, whether you’re driving a compact sedan or a spacious SUV, just remember that the size of your car can have an impact on how much it’ll cost to ship. Keep that in mind as you plan your move, and you’ll be cruising down the road in no time!

Fuel Prices

Fuel prices are a big factor when it comes to car shipping costs. Fuel prices fluctuate day to day. If fuel prices are high, car shipping costs will be high, and if fuel prices are low, then shipping costs will decrease according to market situations.

Transport Method

There are two transport methods: open auto transport and enclosed auto transport. When it comes to transporting a car with open auto transport, car shipping companies will charge an average cost of $500 to $1500, and most people use this method because it’s budget-friendly. If a car is shipped with enclosed auto transport, the average cost will be $1000 to $2000.

Time of year

Summer is the best time to ship a car, and it’s budget-friendly. Most people prefer to ship their cars in summer because, during summer vacation, many people move to spend their vacations. It’s an easier time to ship a car since in winter, due to snowfall, many routes are filled with ice, making it difficult to haul a truck. In winter, costs can increase by 10-15%, meaning it could increase by $50 to $200.

Delivery Type

Choosing terminal-to-terminal transportation delivery instead of door-to-door shipping can save you money. With terminal-to-terminal, you don’t pay extra for customized drop-offs. But remember, your vehicle might sit at the drop-off location, which could be less secure.


When it comes to shipping your car and wanting to secure your money, choose open auto transport. Summer is the best season for this shipping method. Opt for terminal-to-terminal delivery for added convenience. However, if your car is expensive, and customized, or you need to ensure its security, then choose enclosed auto transport. Additionally, it’s best to book your car shipping in advance for a smooth and hassle-free experience.

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