How Book Publishing Services Boost Your Book’s Amazon KDP Success

You have written an amazing book and opened a KDP account to digitally self-publish on Amazon. Smart! But paying for professional book publishing services alongside basic distribution expands sales opportunities. In this blog, we will explain the best ways that a book publishing service utilizes to level up your Kindle Direct Publishing author journey!

Book Publishing Services

They Handle Cover Design Details  

Talented cover artists create gorgeous, genre-aligned designs conveying what the story offers inside the book through color cues, imagery and styling so browsers instantly feel compelled to read your book over competitors. Standout covers jumpstart clicks and judgements on Amazon. Book publishing services access professional designers that can create a sparkling cover for your book 

They Coordinate Editing and Formatting

A book publishing service also provides key editing, proofreading and formatting services so you finalize cleaner manuscripts. Developmental content editing strengthens story flow. Line editing improves readability. Copy editing corrects grammar issues. Book formatting experts tinker visual layout and styling for enhanced eBook enjoyment spotlighting your words effectively to engaged readers.

They Guide Book Description Keyword Selection 

Keyword optimization for maximum discoverability on Amazon’s internal search algorithms and suggested read categories also proves challenging for indie authors. Book publishers invest in market research analysis determining high value keywords and niche category placements ideal to your concepts uniquely for targeting the perfect readers from page one.

They Equip Extras Like Author Websites 

To spotlight you as the talented book author, book publishers build dedicated author platform websites personalized to you and your catalog of current and future books. Centralized online communities allow sharing more in-depth book details, extras like sneak peeks, discussion guides or worksheets plus collect fan email contacts for communicating directly with your loyal readership community over time.  

They Produce Audiobook Editions Too

Expanding into the fast rising audiobook formats through Amazon’s Audible and elsewhere requires producing full voiceover recordings and audio editing most DIY authors lack bandwidth for. Book publishers solve the challenge of hiring trusted narrators, directors and post production teams required to deliver the immersive listening experience today’s readers increasingly demand on the go. 

They Amplify Book Sales Through Paid Advertising  

Paid ads also supplement organic marketing. Book publishers craft and fund customized Amazon, BookBub and social media advertising campaigns targeting niche readers passionately interested in your book style and subject matter. Budgeted ads widen new audience reach deserve testing especially for non-fiction authors chasing high intent buyers. 

They Pitch Your Story to Media Outlets 

Similarly, professional PR outreach secures book reviews, author Q&As and exclusive features in high profile media outlets well respected by bookworms. Publishers maintain relationships with prolific bloggers, contemporary radio shows and print outlets matching respective aesthetics bringing credibility through trust endorsements from recognized curating gatekeepers. 

They Monitor Performance and Trends  

Ongoing oversight, tweaks and consulting further optimize outcomes too. Book publishers actively track real performance indicators like sales volume, book purchases, mailing list sign up rates, book chart positions and reviews momentum providing continual guidance responding to latest market feedback through informed recommendations perpetually driving desirable measurable results.

They Stay On For The Long Haul 

Finally, reputable book publishers journey alongside authors for the long term – sometimes across many books in sequential series! Ongoing collaboration means not just handling book launch periods but providing continual author care, rights management and intellectual property counsel across future books, subsidiary licensing deals and international translations for multiplying your creative legacy over many fruitful years ahead. 


As you just read, partnering with a book publishing service enhances Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing results through supplemental professional editing, design, production, distribution, website author platforms, audiobook expansions, intensive marketing campaigns, performance trend analytics and long term career planning support. Contact us today to get the best book publishing services!

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